Brief About Bhaderwah

Bhadarwah is a beautiful valley situated at a distance of 205 km from Jammu to its North at a height of 5000 ft. above the sea level. Because of its scenic beauty it is called "Chota Kashmir"For its high literacy rate, Bhadarwah is known as Kerala. Some writers name it as the Switzerland of India. Bhadarwah is a land of splendours and surprises, a place where God's architectural experience and elegance is felt. Its singing rivulets, clear blue sky, unparalleled majestic mountains, vast expanses of alpine vegetation; emotional people and diversified culture; spiritual, placidity, fragrant bloom of tulips leave every tourist spell- bound and ineffable.

The valley is a klidoscope of nature with different colours of God's creativity. This place has been an important centre of cultural, social, religious, political and art related activities. Bhadarwah attracted people from far and near and the cause of attraction was 'its peaceful atmosphere, pleasant climate, self sufficient in eatables, grains, fruits, vegetables and milk etc. During winters, dancing sunbeams reflected by the white snow blanket make the gazers dance too. Black forests, which are rarely found across the globe, are abode of tigers, Wild herbs found in these areas have their own uses and charm.

Bhaderwah is becoming a premiere destination of the state and tourist flow for bhaderwah tour packages has gradually increased in recent years and soon Bahderwah holidays will be a common name on our lips.

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Fast Facts

Vacation Type : Honeymoon, Family, Groups, Adventure, Pilgrimage.

Location: 206 km north-east of Jammu.

Activities: Paragliding, Trekking, Camping, Mount Climbing,

Best Time to Visit : Best time to visit Bhaderwah starts from March till November and snow fall happens in the month of November till February depends on your choice.


Things to do in Bhaderwah

Visit Bhaderwah Fort converted into Jail in 1919 has also a Led based light and sound system installed a good experience.

Visit Vasuki Naag Temple a wonder of art and sculpture will surprise you here.

Visit the Gupt Ganga situated on the bank of River Neru just 0.5kms you will find one of the oldest Shiv Temple made of stones.

Don’t forget to visit the beautiful Jai Valley just 32kms from Bhaderwah full of waterfalls and heavy rocks becomes a challenge for rock climbers.

Visit a small hamlet Thanalla Village just 28kms from Bhaderwah and 174kms from Srinagar city.

Visit one of the oldest temples called Laxmi Narayan Temple in Bhaderwah to see the statues of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Parvati.

Don’t forget to visit Khanni Top the adventurous picnic spot just 25kms from Bhaderwah offers stunning view of sunrise and sunset.

Visit Chinta Valley a picturesque attraction surrounded by coniferous trees and there is a place called Thuba that separates Bhaderwah and Chinta valley.