Brief About Zanskar

Zanskar is one of the known Buddhist kingdoms of the western Himalayas within elevation of 12000 feet. Zanskar is a sub district of Kargil located interior of Ladakh region with Padum as its administrative centre. Zanskar is the most isolated part of Trans Himalaya region. Once it was the part of the Guge kingdom in Tibet, Zanskar is now integral part of India. Zanskar is famous for its high beautiful mountains and landscape. Zanskar is one of the most unexplored places in Jammu and Kashmir. Pleasant climate, landscape, snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and sparking rivers makes Zanskar a perfect holiday destination for worldwide tourists.

Zanskar is located 105 kms from Leh and is popular with its adventures junkies. Zanskar is a hotspot for trekking, paragliding and water rafting. Some famous treks are Lamayuru to Darcha, Lamayuru – Padum trek. Majority of the people in Zanskar are Tibetan Buddhist. People in Zanskar speak Zanskar, and they also speak Hindi, Ladakhi and Urdu. The temperature in Zanskar is cold around minus 300C during winter. While it remains pleasant during day in summer. The best time to visit zanaskar is between June and September.

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Zanskar district are the monasteries, Zongla, Zongkhul, Stongdey. One can visit these places at least 2 – 3 days trip in Zanskar. The monasteries are several centuries old and carry many tales of legendry scholars like Narop. The main town in zanaskar are padum and Kharsha. The zanaskar valley is separated from the suru valley by the Penzila pass which serves as a excellent camping places, offering breath taking views. Zanaskar is a accessible through Gogan. It also remain closed for 08 months due to heavy snowfall.

The nearest Airport is Leh and the nearest Railway station is Jammu and there is a regular bus service by J&K State Road Transport Corporation from Leh and Kargil. The distance from Srinagar to Zanskar is 192 Kms.

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Fast Facts

Vacation Type : Honeymoon, Family, Groups, Adventure.

Location: 192 kms From Srinagar City.

Activities: Trekking, Camping, Water Rafting, Angling.

Best Time to Visit : Best time to visit Zanskar starts in Autumn July to September and winters are chilly cold.


Things to do in Zanskar

Visit Nimu the stop for water rafting groups about 35kms from Leh is the starting point for annually held all India Rafting.

Visit the Drang Drung Glacier the largest Glacier in Ladakh about 22km long is a source of Doda River.

Visit the Largest Monestry of Zanskar called Karsha.

Visit an amazing attraction called Phuktal Monestry spells out mouth of a heavy rocky cave through which the Lungnak River Flows.

Visit Zangla about 35kms distance begins from Padum a big tract of land where you will find Yaks grazing

Visit also the Zongkhul monastery falls on Padum-Kisthwar Trekking trail traditionally a home for many famous yogins.

Visit the second largest monastery Stongdey of Zanskar perched on a rocky outcrop.

Visit Panikhar located in Suru Valley is a worth place and it take 3 hours to go by a bus to reach Panikhar.

Visit the beautiful Chadar which means actually Blanket is referred to trek along the Zanskar River.

Visit the most famous and important Frozen Waterfall about 9 inch thick sheet of ice offers amazing and unique feel.

Visit the Place called Padum the only town and administrative centre in Zanskar is a worth place to stay some time.